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Digital Sculptor : (2014) : JavaScript, Webkit, Node.JS, Three.JS, WebGL

The fine art of sculpture is firmly in the 21st century! I was commisioned by a sculptor - Patrick Coutu - to develop custom software for exploring ideas of cellular automata. The algorithms are based on work of Stephen Wolfram and described in his book New Kind of Science.

The software was writen in JavaScript on top of Webkit + Node.JS + Three.JS + WebGL mashup of technologies. It allows for interactive exploration of various patterns in three dimensions. Among many features (Hand of God - to mess with the cellular algorithms by adding or removing cells, MRI and X-RAY to see inside, etc.) it allows export to STL format for 3D printing (to create sculpture maquettes) and saving of PNG image slices showing internal cross sections of the structure.

More info coming soon...