This is the online home of creative technologist Tomasz (Tomek) Zemla. I create images with code.


I work at the intersection of design, technology and visual arts.

My professional profile is a combination of computer science and fine arts education, interactive design skills and knowledge of photography.

I have been designing and programming user interfaces, applications and websites for a variety of software companies and design studios for over 20 years.

My current interests are focused on creating innovative user interfaces, information design, data visualization, generative art and computational design.


I am currently working on a series of projects I call computed image. Here are the latest:

Blooming Structures
Color Clouds
Imaginary Forms

In 2014 I was commissioned by an artist to create custom interactive sculpting application. Digital Sculptor is a 3D tool that allows for interactive dialogue between algorithms and the sculptor.

When not working hard on client projects I build toy applications like this Calendar or explore ideas in computational art and design: Circuit Flora or Fish DNA. I also make silly, virtual gifts for my girlfriend: Typographic Love.


I am based in Montreal, Canada. I am available for freelance, startup and other job opportunities.

Contact me at . Download the official resume PDF or say hello on LinkedIn. Occasionally I tweet @tomek_zemla.

What is in the name? Pixelbox is a reference to an imaginary sandbox of ideas where I get to play with colored pixels.