I work at the intersection of design, technology and visual arts. I create images with code.

My professional profile combines computer science and fine arts education, interactive design skills and knowledge of photography.

As a creative technologist I have been designing and programming user interfaces, applications and websites for a variety of software companies and design studios for 25 years now.

My current interests are focused on creative coding, designing interfaces to complex systems, information design, data visualization, generative art and computational design.

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My humble UX Manifesto contains a few brief observations on working in the roles of UX/UI/Product Designer.

See Library for a list of books that fuel my interests or get a glimpse of my design process on the Moleskine page.

The dynamic portrait above comes from the Scrambler project.


I am based in Montreal, Canada.
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You can also follow my photographic notebook on Instagram.

What is in the name? Pixelbox is an imaginary sandbox of ideas where I get to play with colored pixels.