NorthSec 2022 Projections

NorthSec (2022)
Projections for the cybersecurity conference.

Rainbow Project

Rainbow (2020)
Colorful fun in times of the pandemic.

Clock Project

Clock (2019)
Stressed out clock to remind us about time running out.

Waves Project

Waves (2018)
21st century tribute to the work of 20th century abstract painter Guido Molinari.

Doodlebot Project

Doodlebot (2018)
Doodlebots are coming!

Scrambler Project

Scrambler (2018)
Technical difficulties with transmission.

Blizzard Project

Blizzard (2017)
Dance of the synthetic snowflakes.

Maze Project

Maze (2017)
Endless maze of mosaic patterns.

Blooming Project

Blooming Structures (2016)
Dynamic structures at the intersection of architecture and biology.

Cells Project

Cells (2016)
Organic animations of cellular automata pixels.

Typographic Love Project

Typographic Love (2015)
There are many different ways to say 'I love you'.

Fish DNA Project

Fish DNA (2015)
Large, but finite school of fish.